22 Apr 2018
Usability upgrades
Over the next few days, we will be performing a number of usability upgrades to so just be warned that the site may be down for maintenance when you wish to make use of its services. We are adding a DNS Manager , IP Address Manager, the ability to peruse most CPanel actions from this sub-domain, more third-party services you can login with, more stylized and cleaner...
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16 Apr 2018
1-month of free hosting to first 15 customers
To further promote the launch of GekkoFyre Networks we are giving away a coupon code that entitles you to 1-month of free hosting for the first 15 customers who make use of it! The code 9OBH1MOS9K which expires on May 16 th , 2018, applies to any single-user CloudLinux LVE plan of your choice so that you may trial our services risk-free of any financial concerns. It is required though...
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15 Apr 2018
FREE Giveaway!
To both celebrate and promote the launch of GekkoFyre Networks, we are giving away 1-year of FREE web-site hosting of ANY single-user CloudLinux LVE plan of your choice that also comes with a com/net/org domain name of your choice, renewed for a year also. All you have to do is retweet [ 1 ] the link below with the hashtag #GekkoFyre and you'll automatically be entered! We'll make...
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