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The ClouDNS service we utilize here at GekkoFyre Networks throughout our own websites and those of our clients is the one where DDoS Protection is inclusive. When you purchase the ClouDNS service for your own website(s), you receive up to FOUR configurable, slave DNS servers which we manage on your part with regard to the technical, billing, and provisioning aspects, and you in turn receive unlimited DNS zones (within reason*) that will be mirrored by the ClouDNS slave servers. These are the features which are included:

 DDoS Protected DNS Servers:  4
Anycast DNS Locations:  23
DDoS Protection:  Yes 
DNS Zones:  Depends on user needs*
DNS Records:  Unlimited
DNS Queries per month:  Unlimited
Mail forwards:  50
Domain parking:  Yes
Secondary DNS Zones:  Yes
DNSSEC for Secondary DNS:   Yes
Zone Transfers:   Yes
Reverse DNS Zones:   Yes
Cloud/Bulk Zones:   Yes
Dynamic DNS:   Yes
TTL Management per Record:   Yes
SOA Domain Settings:   Yes
DNS Branding:   Yes
Yearly, monthly and daily stats.:   Yes
Hourly statistics:   Yes
Web redirects:   Yes
Web redirects with frames:   Yes
NAPTR Record:   Yes
HTTP API Access:   Yes
Uptime SLA:   10,000%


You may view a list of Anycast DNS datacenter locations by clicking here.

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